Stillmeadow is a new domestic drainage EWB-GT project that was started in the Spring of 2021.

Stillmeadow Civil is a project located in Baltimore, Maryland and focuses on the Stillmeadow Fellowship Community. It specifically concentrates on the Stillmeadow Church’s stormwater runoff generated from the parking lot during heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, 100 year floods occur more frequently in the project area (approximately every 20 years). The 2018 flood, specifically, damaged 150 homes and had a depth of approximately 7 feet. To combat this, the project will work with Blue Water Baltimore and Stillmeadow Fellowship to remove 4999 ft2 of asphalt to reduce storm water runoff at the Stillmeadow Fellowship Church. At the site of the removed asphalt, an island of trees will be implemented to help drain the water and thus help reduce


This project is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, EWB has recently started to take on domestic projects. International work will resume when travel bans are lifted.